Organic Plant and Turf Care in Kingwood, TX

Prime Lawn understands the value of organic lawn care. Do you? Soil can be improved by adding organic matter and other naturally occurring, composted substances. Improved soil contributes to healthy plants that will be less susceptible to damage from pests or environmental stresses. Natural organic, slow-release methods also emphasize the recycling of organic waste.

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Did you know that lawn clippings can supply at least one-forth of the fertilizer needed by your lawn? Going organic also entails core aeration, mowing height and top-dressing with compost. Weeds and insects are managed by cultural practices oriented toward prevention.

Eco Friendly Lawn and Garden Services

As for plant care, Prime Lawn maintains and fertilizes your property with nature's best products. We also prune your plants to the highest horticultural standard. Prime Lawn's skilled pruners follow a definite plan by first removing all dead, broken, diseased or problem limbs by cutting them at the point of origin.

In the next step, we prune "training cuts" on trees or shrubs to develop a desired shape or to fill in areas caused by storm and wind damage. Final stages include corrective pruning to eliminate weak areas, allowing the plant to thrive and assume natural growth. It's organic plant innovation at its Prime.