Hardscaping in Kingwood, TX & The Woodlands, TX

Prime Lawn boasts the latest in hardscaping technology, adding a sensual visual element to your home and convenience to your outdoor space. After all, your walkway is the first part of your home that visitors experience.

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Hardscape Design, Kingwood & The Woodlands, TX

Using the right pavers, concrete and stone, can add texture and strength to your home; not to mention increase your property value by 10 percent! Interlocking concrete pavers are very durable in extreme weather conditions and often come with a lifetime warranty. And because pavers are individual units or "bricks," the natural joints between each paver will give with pressure, expansion and contraction, eliminating the cracking inherent to conventional asphalt and concrete pavement. Prime Lawn's experienced paver installers can create a variety of laying patterns, further expanding your customization possibilities. Cobblestones provide a mystical "Old World" feel to your pathway and are lower maintenance too. Clay bricks enhance the unexpected treasures of your landscape with classic shades of red and brown.

Ordinary concrete brings functionality and durability to any environment. Gravel and natural pathways are less expensive and showcase the artistry of a more rustic texture. So why should you choose Prime Lawn for your hardscaping needs? Because Prime Lawn's skilled custom hardscaping installers comply with all engineering and installation standards and guarantee customer satisfaction. It's hardscaping innovation at its Prime.

Outdoor Kitchen Designs and Outdoor Grills

Prime Lawn empowers you. Now is the time to discover and construct the outdoor gourmet kitchen of your dreams. We offer the ultimate in outdoor kitchen design: custom built-in grilling islands, granite edge detail, stone/faux stone detail, built-in seating walls, high-quality stainless steel components, weather-tight cabinets, outdoor bars and beverage centers, refrigerators and freezers, modular fireplaces faced with stone, fire pits, arbors, pergolas, ceiling fans and so much more. Prime Lawn's outdoor kitchen experts can produce an original outdoor space for you that offers the same ease and functionality of most household kitchens...it's an extension of your outdoor living space. Even more, because of Prime Lawn's high quality and novel kitchen design, it's no longer just a patio – it's an outdoor cooking and entertaining experience! It's outdoor kitchen innovation at its Prime.