Landscape Lighting Designs in The Woodlands, TX

Prime Lawn offers a warm welcome, because in the design business - lighting really is everything. The beauty and ambiance of your home and yard are truly transformed with strategically-placed outdoor lighting.

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Prime Lawn Exterior Outdoor Lighting Specialists

Beautiful brickwork and window details are brilliantly showcased with low-and-high-voltage exterior lighting. Natural copper patina garden path lights delight your front-door walkway and balance surrounding shrubbery. LED fixtures illuminate your well-manicured garden, while saving power and money. Ambient light fixture lenses create a soft effect around your pool and spa, enabling safe evening use without eliminating privacy.

Your outdoor patio is flanked by illuminated trees and flowers while motion-detected floodlights offer great protection for your property. A backyard pond shares a mystical glow with recessed underwater lighting. Prime Lawn specializes in architectural and outdoor lighting that is practical without sacrificing the evening atmosphere. We guarantee that your outdoor lighting design will be unique and tailored to your landscaping needs. We only use the highest-quality fixtures and ensure proper installation with the industry's best warranty. Our Prime Lawn experts are your exterior outdoor lighting professionals. It's lighting innovation at its Prime.