Building Your Landscaping Dreams

Prime Lawn thrives on the involvement of their clients in each of their projects! We have created a coherent process that facilitates communication between client and ourselves, in order to bring into reality what they desire. With an organized strategic plan we can help to build an oasis!

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Preliminary Consultation

We begin with an initial consultation at a convenient location for the client. The client presents us with ideas of what they want accomplished, the best way to communicate this is by using pictures and specific layouts they have seen elsewhere. This allows for us to analyze the complexity of the project and begin developing a plan of action. In this step Prime Lawn would make a decision whether plans need to be drawn or if it is a simple treatment that needs no further development.

Property and Topographic Survey

More complex projects require a site survey; this is done using a property survey plat. A property survey plat outlines where the existing structures are located, their size, setback lines and easements. Topographic information may be necessary, depending on the project but a more detailed topographic survey may be necessary if they intend to incorporate these aspects into their project. A precise site survey will prevent unnecessary costs and offer a more comprehensive project plan.

Landscaping Concept and Design

A landscape architect proposes a preliminary plan to develop the client's wants and needs. This is the first step to building the client's vision and starting point from which the rest of the project may move forward. It is used primarily for the client to visualize what they are to build. A preliminary budget can also be created using the conceptual design. The concept design is used to give the project direction and a starting point for both the client and Prime Lawn.

Customized Development

A strategic plan is uniquely created, depending on the project. The plans may include; site plans, construction details, and specifications for hardscape components, grading plans, planting plans and irrigation plans. The project may include some or all of these various plans, depending on the custom project that is presented.

Throughout the building process, our Prime Lawn landscape designer, and client are in constant communication; this creates transparency of the overall project and the costs incurred. We have created a process that allows for an easy translation of what the client wants created and how we can make it a reality. It's project management at its Prime!