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A Prime environment

Prime Patio & Landscape provides a unique opportunity to work in a fun, family-friendly, and professional environment. Employees of Prime Patio & Landscape experience good leadership, developmental opportunities, and the privilege of working to make the dreams of others become reality. We pursue excellence and we go home every day proud of what we’ve accomplished. We only ask that every employee show up with the passion, energy, and grit to make each day a productive and inspired one. If you think this is an environment you would fit in, please reach out. We’re always looking for the next member of the family!

What we value



We believe doing things the right way, every time, without compromise, is the only way business should be done. We are passionate about delivering what we promise to every client or making it right in the rare occasion when we can’t.



We believe our mission can only be achieved when we show up every day with passion, vision, and a readiness to give a full effort. From the quality of our installations to the cleanliness of our jobsites, to the respectfulness of our team, we are committed daily to holding ourselves to the highest standards and leaving the jobsite proud of what we’ve accomplished.



We believe the best way to deliver the best product is to have the best information. We are committed to being a learning organization, continually striving to stay on the cutting edge of our industry, while also pursuing opportunities to teach and equip our peers and clients.



Our greatest satisfaction comes when the relationships we build are as enduring as our installations. We are passionate about nurturing and pursuing healthy, lasting, and authentic relationships, whether it be with our team members, our clients, our vendors, or our local delivery person.

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