Koi Ponds

Aug 2, 2023 | Design Trends, Landscaping

Koi ponds are decorative water garden features that typically include koi fish, which are ornamental varieties of the common carp. These ponds are typically designed with a combination of rocks, gravel, water plants, and a filtration system to provide a suitable environment for the koi.

Koi fish relieve stress. Most koi owners come to consider their koi pets and train them to come for food or toes in the pond. They are believed to bring good luck to your family. They also provide a social benefit as they are great to watch and guests always enjoy seeing them and learning about them. They are also great pets if you travel, as they can feed off the algae and bugs when you are away. Kids enjoy the interaction with nature.

Koi ponds have a wide range of sizes and shapes, including formal and informal designs, and may incorporate waterfalls, water plants, bridges, and underwater lighting to enhance their aesthetic appeal.

You can always expand your Koi pond and many Koi owners do. Koi ponds do require regular maintenance, including water quality monitoring, filtration maintenance, and regular cleaning of the pond to ensure the health and well-being of the Koi. Koi ponds are built with skimmers, pumps, aeration and other mechanical pond products.